Why Should Infrared Inspection be Your First Choice?

Thermography inspection or known as Infrared testing support the investigation of steam utilities. It provides the thermal performance of the steam utilities, where it contains information on leaks location, blockage or any malfunction in the piping.

Any Steam system includes steam generation, recovery, and distribution system. The primary objective of an efficient steam distribution system connects the steam generates to the end user equipment. The Distribution network supplies the generated high-quality steam to the end user equipment at a required pressure and flow rate with the minimal steam heat losses. On the other hand, the primary objective of the second part of a team system is condensate recovery, is to efficiently use all of the remaining steam and condensate energy after the end user equipment utilized most of the supplied steam.

Steam Utilities

Thermography Benefits :

  • Identify Leak, Blaockahe or any malfunction in surface or piping

  • Eliminate any sign of expensive operational cost or any mechanical failure

A Non Destructive Test?

Thermography inspection in a Non-Destructive Test or non-contact testing, where there is no need to schedule any planned shutdown. It is testing your equipment, under normal loads and any of the operating conditions. The Most intelligent benefits of thermography test are to have the testing in real time that will drastically help you to track your problems even after when they stop since it is following their thermal pattern.

Our Digital Thermal Power report is one of an additional differentiator, where we can deliver the report in several ways. The standard traditional paper, or a soft copy and specifically our innovative mobile application that can empower your team and minimize they are follow-up time. It was proven to save 40% of the maintenance team time annually, especially when it comes to thermography inspection. Thanks for our team, who have worked day and night to make that happening.

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