Baby Monitor Fever Detection Thermal Camera



The health of our children will always be an area of concern among parents. Children are more prone to diseases when compared to adults. That is why it is important to keep them in a safe and healthy environment and to seek medical attention if they do get sick.Here we introduce the innovative and unique solution from Digital Thermal Power. Baby monitor fever detection thermal camera is a solution designed specifically for the well-being of your children by monitoring their body temperature. The system does that by making use of Thermal Imaging Technology and will send you to send an alarm through email or SMS if the temperature of your baby goes above normal even during their sleep. Baby Fever App can be easily installed, on your phone or computer – by simply install, connect, and protect.

fever detection thermal camera

Flir Thermal Camera Temperature Screening 


  • Early Detection of Sickness
  • Efficient Human Temperature Monitoring
  • Reliable System for your Loved Ones.
  • Reduced Risk of Disease Spreading.


Applications of fever detection thermal camera


  • Fever Check
  • Human Body Temperature Measurement
  • Stop Disease Spreading
  • Health Condition Monitoring

Baby Monitor temperature screening App OVERVIEW



The Baby Fever App is a full-featured software package for monitoring your child’s temperature using fever detection thermal camera. The software supports standard communication protocols to connect to the common control systems including both Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP. The software will analyze and compare the data against the predefined parameters and will trigger an alarm if needed. In this way, this application does not only serves as a baby monitoring application but also monitors to do the condition monitoring for the room too.


  • Based on the body temperature of your child/children
  • Early Fever Alarm
  • For monitoring the comfort temperature in living spaces
  • Hot food or drink spill
  • Condition Monitoring with Average Temperature and Alarms on variation from preset range.