Remote and automated early fault detection in substations and industrial sites using thermoview


  • Automated, continuous thermal and visual imaging of substation for performance and safety
  • Remote fault detection and alarm generation
  • Wireless interface and anomaly identification
  • Immediate analysis of dynamic conditions
  • All data is stored in a database for analysis, remote access, and video playback



The ThermoView system allows you to continuously monitor the temperature profile of assets within an electrical power substation remotely. It helps you detect temperature deviations from normal operation conditions to ensure safe and reliable operations. An overview schematic of the system is shown below. The system consists of thermal and visible cameras mounted on a positioner with continuous 360° pan range and tilt range of ±45°. A junction box with all the necessary hardware for power and data transfer is also included. This allows for quick access to the camera’s thermal readings and configuration options and Automated/Manual Discovery for Hot spots in the Monitored Field of View.




  • Automated, continuous thermal and visual imaging of substation for performance and safety
  • Early and remote fault detection
  • Monitor newly installed assets or older assets after maintenance to identify future risks or faults
  • Continuous monitoring without personnel constraints
  • Replace error prone manual inspection process with more rigorous and continuous automated monitoring
  • Identify transient thermal events not detectable with manual inspections
  • Remotely monitor multiple, distant substations from a central location
  • Automated analysis with built-in industry-standard analytics

ThermoView Software

The automation software allows regular movement of the Thermal Imaging Camera to remotely monitor all assets within a power substation as per preset positions. The software at the same time analyses the asset temperature conditions and triggers alarms when something goes beyond the set temperature range.

The software comes with stand by 3G network connection set in case the primary network is disrupted in any case and can stream the video on demand and provide email/WhatsApp alerts with images in case of any incident on the asset being monitored.