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First responder – Leak Detection Thermal Camera


Water Leak Detection systems have become a necessity today. But traditional methods have proved incompetent in real-life scenarios. They miss out and do not trigger an alarm in many cases and by the time problems are detected, it might be too late. Here we introduce the innovative solution First Responder from Digital Thermal Power. First Responder is a solution designed for water leaks and early fire protection to prevent any further damage due to water leaks or fire hazard. The system makes use of Thermal Imaging Technology can send an alarm through email or SMS even before an actual leak or fire. First Responder is easily installed, no pipe cutting – simply install, connect, and protect.

First responder
first responder - FLIR Ax8 Early Fire Fighting Camera

Early Fire Fighting Thermal Camera


Large-scale facilities face many fire risks. Combustible fabrics, the possible presence of flammable or reactive contaminants, and unmonitored or uncontrolled heating of laundry piles all increase the potential for spontaneous combustion. In order to prevent fires, FLIR integration partner First Responder from Digital Thermal Power developed a thermal monitoring system that is able to spot heat
build-up before a fire has the chance to spread. The innovative system includes advanced thermal automation cameras from FLIR.

first responder benefits

Flir Thermal Camera Key Benefits:


  • Early Detection of Anomalies
  • Efficient Water Leak/Fire System
  • Reliable Source of Critical Data
  • Improved Safety in work Environments
  • Easy Integration and Installation
  • Reduced Risk of Damage


  • Water Leak
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fuel Leak
  • Condition Monitoring
first responder overview

First Responder Overview



First Responder is a full-featured software package for Water Leak Detection and Early fire fighting . The software supports standard communication protocols in connecting to the common control systems including Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP, and will trigger an alarm if needed. These parameters can be adjusted based on the specific application needs.

1. Camera connectivity

2. Region of interest (ROI) measurements and real-time processing

3. Feed from up to 4 cameras on a single workstation

4. Ability to alarm through WhatsApp and Email Notification along with the visible and audible alarms



  • Based on the cooler temperature of water
  • Early Fire Alarm
  • Water dripping form ceilings
  • Hot or cold water from any source
  • Fuel leak for pump rooms and generator rooms
  • Condition monitoring with average temperature and alarms on variations from preset range.
first responder alarming
first responder for leak detection

The system can detect any water leak/fire in the field of view. The thermal imaging technology recognizes and alarms as 10cm diameter from a distance up to 20 meters.