Why Should Infrared Inspection be Your First Choice in your Property Inspection?


Thermography inspection or known as Infrared testing support the investigation of a building envelope. The check detects and records the thermal evaluation of the building envelope, including both the wall, and window assemblies. Thermography Inspection should be performed during real estate evaluation, during acceptance or before buying.

building envelope inspection

The Building envelope Inspections

provides detailed information

on the following:

 Have we received what we paid for?

 Does the Facility meet its design concept?

 Do we have any air-conditioned air leaking to the outdoor area causing energy losses?

 Do we have any unconditioned are leaking to the indoor area of the building?

 Is the insulation installed correctly as designed?

How do we Make Sure that

the envelope is Meeting Your

performance requirements?


The best approach to evaluate the building envelope is by conducting the tightness test. Performing the airtightness test will help in quantifying the air leakage and identify the air leakage pass through. Blower door test is the method that will assist in determining how much energy the building is unnecessary consuming.

Thermography Benefits :


 Reducing Cooling Cost

 Reduce Moisture Issues

 Save The Indoor Air Quality

 Sustainability and durability of the building

 Identifies Leak Location for prioritized repairs

Our Digital Thermal Power report is one of an additional differentiation, where we can deliver the report in several ways. The standard traditional paper, or a soft copy and specifically our innovative mobile application that can empower your team and minimize they are follow-up time.

A Non Destructive Test?



Thermography inspection is a Non-Destructive Test or a non-contact testing, where there is no need to schedule any planned shutdown. It is testing your equipment, under normal loads and any of the operating conditions. The Most intelligent benefits of thermography test are to have the testing in real time that will drastically help you to track your problems even after when they stop since it is following their thermal pattern.

Blower Door Test


Essentially, a blower door is one of the most powerful techniques that reveal air infiltration of any building. It consists of a very powerful fan that is fixed into the designated envelope door. When turned on, the installed fan pulls or push the air the air out of the designated area under test and lowers the air pressure into testing pressure limits. This pressure difference will help you using a thermal imaging to detect all of the leaking areas and then save your energy.

Blower doors consist of:


 A frame that is used to fits into a designated area under test door

✔ A powerful variable speed fan

 A pressure gauge and an airflow manometer for measurement of pressure and air flow