IRGas Retina (Drone Application)

Drones equipped an Infrared Camera with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Technology for the ultimate enterprise solution for gas leak detection. This innovative solution IRGas Retina from Digital Thermal Power helps to Visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation. The operator can inspect quickly and with ease by using a trusted and familiar Infrared Thermal Imaging System. Integrated IRGas Retina allows the pilot to use just one controller to command both the Drone and the FLIR GFx 320 camera.

System Includes Infrared Camera, Software and Hardware

  • FLIR GFx 320 Camera
  • IR Gas Retina Camera Control Software
  • 3-Axis gimbals
  • Windows 10
  • Drone transmitter
  • Receiver and remote Control
  • Video monitor
  • HD video link – transmitter/receiver
  • Onboard PC and power distribution
  • Cables and building material



The software provides unique remote control of high-end FLIR thermal camera. It allows the user l o toggle through preset palettes and measurement profiles, set temperature range and record, pause and stop SEQ files.


  • Control temperature range
  • Start, pause, and stop SEQ file recording
  • Smart adaptable UI interface for an optimized user experience
  • Toggle preset palettes and measurement profiles
  • Trigger focus on point of interest
  • Informative data overlay to visualize important data during collection
  • HSM mode for FUR GF-3xx and G3xx Series
  • Software written in USA