Why Should Infrared Inspection be Your First Choice?

Thermography inspection or known as Infrared testing support the investigation of a boilers, refractory system or another heating unit. It provides thermal performance that helps in identifying leaks, blockage or any system failure in their subsurface or piping.

infrared water leakage test

Thermography Benefits :

  • Locate Radiant Piping to prevent cutting or drilling through repair projects

  • Locate Leaks in entire system or buried steam malfunctions

  • Determine Insulation breakdown

  • Locate hot Gas Leakage

  • Identify and Eliminate Energy Waste

A Non Destructive Test?

Thermography inspection in a Non-Destructive Test or non-contact testing, where there is no need to schedule any planned shutdown. It is testing your equipment, under typical loads and any of the operating conditions. The Most intelligent benefits of thermography test are to have the testing in real time that will drastically help you to track your problems even after when they stop since it is following their thermal pattern.

What Should be Inspected?

  • Furnace

  • Boilers

Our Digital Thermal Power report is one of an additional differentiation, where we can deliver the report in several ways. The standard traditional paper, or a soft copy and specifically our innovative mobile application that can empower your team and minimize they are follow-up time. It was proven to save 40% of the maintenance team time annually, especially when it comes to thermography inspection. Thanks for our team, who have worked day and night to make that happening.

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