What you can be sure of our services:

-It’s non-destructive. We use advanced technique and equipment to detect the leaks; we’ll find the leak without doing any damage to your property.
-It’s precise. Our method doesn’t just locate the general area of the leak it detects the exact location, so we won’t have to dig around for the problem.
-It saves you money and time. Our leak detection services are fast, non-invasive, and non-destructive. It allows us to pinpoint leaks without the hassle and expense of digging up your property.

About our Water Leak Detection Service:

Digital Thermal Power is the first company in locating water leaks not only in UAE but the entire region. With DTP’s advanced Water Leak Detection Techniques and tools the fundamental cause of the water leaks problem that you are facing will undoubtedly be found in real time; whether it is already a decade problem or just new.

As for water leak statistics, more than 10 percent of the UAE’s precious water supply is wasted per a reliable source. Most of the buildings have water leaks problem, and this means high water consumption.

Benefits of Leak Detection as early as now:

  • Property damaged is reduced

  • Reduction in liability

  • Pin-Point Instantly your humid area

  • Establish the repair priorities based on our report classification

Why should Infrared Inspection be your first choice for Leak Detection/ Inspection?

Thermography Inspection is a breakthrough tool used to locate accurately trapped moisture within a commercial roofing assembly. The thermography inspection technique can be efficiently used on all types of a roofing system including the low slope roofing system. During the sunny day, the sun radiates its thermal energy into the roofing system where heat is being transferred equally to a different part of the roof. In the evening or after sunset, the roof radiates back this heat. This process is known as cooling by radiation. During this process, the area of the ceiling which is wet or of a higher mass will maintain the stored here for a longer duration compared to that of lower mass or dry areas.

Thermography inspection can quickly detect the warmer, high mass areas, during the process of the cooling process, or heat dissipation from the roof. It is a drastically an ideal way to quickly detect any trapped moisture location which can lead to significant problems in your facility.

Thermography Inspection or Infrared inspection is a proven scientific methodology, for evaluating roofing moisture position. Our team will provide you with a detailed, detailed and comprehensive report to protect your facility from any damage.

Other Areas we inspect for Water Leak?

We can manage to detect damages, find the faulty part in no time and leaks through first-hand inspection, with our innovative tools and powerful team. We can provide you detailed and comprehensive report that you can use for repairing the damages for your facility.

  • District Cooling Chilled Water Pipes

  • Fire Lines Leak Detection

  • Utility Water Line Leaks

  • Tanks Leaks

  • Pipes and Valves Leak

  • Building Civil/MEP leaks

  • Underground Leaks

  • Landscape Leaks

  • Exterior Building Leaks

  • Villas, Apartments or any Home Leak Detection

The water leak detection thermal inspection. We will Help You to fix a leak in your house including your swimming pool.

  • Vinyl Pool

  • Fiberglass Pool

  • Concrete Pool

  • Inground Swimming Pool

  • Swimming Pool

  • Jacuzzi

  • Roof Top

A Non-Destructive Test for Your Pool Repair Services?

Thermography inspection in a Non-Destructive Test or Non-Contact testing, where there is no need to schedule any planned shutdown. It is testing your equipment, under standard loads and any of the operating conditions. The Most intelligent benefits of thermography test are to have the test in a short span of time that will drastically help you out to track your problems even after when they stop since it is following their thermal pattern.
Our Digital Thermal Power report is one of an additional differentiator, where we can deliver the report in several ways. The standard traditional paper, or a soft copy and specifically our innovative mobile application that can empower your team and minimize they are follow-up time. It was proven to save 40% of the maintenance team time annually, especially when it comes to thermography inspection. Thanks for our team, who have worked day and night to make that happening.

Get rid of all water leaks in your house once and for all. Join the Team, and have your inspection done regularly to avoid loses significant costs for your facilities.