Formal Visual Inspection

Inspection of the appliances, the cable and the plug for any signs of damage.

Visual Inspection includes removal of the plug cover and checks that :

  • A correct fuse is being used

  • The cord grip is holding the sheath of the cable correctly

  • Wires are tightly attached to correct connections

  • No visible bare cables other than at the connections

  • No sign of internal damage, no overheating, no liquid, dust or dirt inside


The flex will be inspected for any possible damage, to ensure that it is free from stress, fraying or cuts. The lead is secure at both the tool/appliance and plug and covers can be removed. The lead has no excess insulation removed and with no bare loose strands.

portable appliance testing

PAT Testing

Subject to satisfactory inspection, the following sequence of tests will then be carried out:

  • Earth Continuity

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Touch Current Leakage

  • Functional Testing

  • Polarity Test (for leads only)

Precautions: The engineer will require all IT users to log off to avoid accidental data loss.

Examples of items the requires testing:

  • Office Equipment : Computers, Mains Leads, Extension Leads, Lamps, Photocopiers, Fax Machines, Mobile Phone Chargers.

  • Tools: Drills, Sanders, Grinders and Welders.

  • Kitchen Appliances: Kettles, Fridges, Toasters, Microwaves, Coffee Makers.

  • Audio & Video: TV’s, DVD’s, Video Equipment, Radios.


On completion of the testing, there will be an issuance of a detailed report that provides information on each item. All items that pass the inspection & testing will be labeled with a safety sticker and a unique barcode number to helps us keeping track of all portable appliances in your company.