Potential Causes of High-Water Bills in UAE

When your water bill is high, check your toilets – 95% of all leaks are toilets, and most times you cannot hear the leak, and it is not visible to our eyes. The only time you will know that you have a water leak detection on your villa is when you receive a very high-water bill consumption.


Here are the common cause of high water consumption:

  • A leaking toilet, or a toilet that continues to run after being flushed, most common
  • Filling or topping off a swimming pool
  • Overconsumption of irrigation line when Watering the lawn, new grass, or trees; also check for an open hose bib
  • Irrigation systems, check automated systems, you may need to reprogram
  • Kids home for summer vacations or school holidays; guests
  • Water-cooled ac unit
  • A damaged water pipe or evident leak; examine the pipelines and water heater in the basement or crawlspace
  • Service line leaks between your water meter and your home, check for wet spots in your yard


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Change your water use

If you have guests, water your lawn the usual, or do anything else out of the previous thing you normally do from the previous month that uses a lot of water

  1. Check for leaks

Leaks, whether unseen or unfixed, can waste hundreds and thousands of gallons of water. It is important to periodically check your plumbing and home for leaky faucets, bathrooms, and even outside taps, irrigation, and supply lines.

  1. Bathroom and faucet leaks

The most commons cause of a high DEWA bill or ADDC bill is running water from your toilet and bathroom. A continuously running water can waste up to 200/day.  That can double a family’s typical water usage, so better fix toilet leaks as soon as possible. Other leaks are obvious and easy to be identified, such as a dripping faucet or running toilet water. You may hear a running toilet, but not always. See the toilet assessment below for help in determining if this is the cause of your high water bill.

  1. Outdoor and underground leaks

Some leaks occur in some areas where it is harder to find, such as under your house or the in-service line between your meter and home. Check outdoor spigots crawls spaces, and look for wet spots in your yard, which may indicate a leak. If you still cannot find any clues, better to call an expert to help you locate those stubborn leaks without causing any destruction to your yard.


Do-It-Yourself Assessment

First check for the most common leak: a deteriorated or defected flush valve (flapper) ball at the bottom of the toilet tank. If it does not make a tight seal water will leak into the toilet bowl. To check for this:

  • Take the lid off the tank behind the bowl, flush the toilet, then wait for it to fully refill.
  • Put a few drops of dye or a colored dye tablet (available at some hardware stores) in the tank.
  • Wait at least 20 minutes; longer if you suspect it is a small leak.
  • If there is any color in the toilet bow, there is a leak.


The second most common type of leak has to do with an improperly adjusted or broken fill (ballcock) valve. To check for this, take the lid off of the toilet tank, flush, and see if water is draining into the overflow tubes when the tank is full.


The following table shows the amount of water that can be lost (and billed to your account) for various size leaks.


Irrigation Systems


During the summer irrigation systems is a common source of high-water use especially in the UAE. Watering times generally double during the summer months compared to the winter. Automated irrigation systems should be checked regularly to be sure they are functioning properly and have no leaks or broken sprinkler heads and the timer should be set accordingly. If a sprinkler valve sticks on, it could waste an extremely large quantity of water. The irrigation timer may not be programmed properly, i.e., sprinklers are watering too often and/or for too long. Reprogramming may be necessary if the power has been off.



When All Else Fails…


You might be needing help with professional help. For any stubborn leak either underground or behind the walls, a specialized leak detection provider will always be the best way to solve your problem.


Specialized Leak Provider will help prevent further water damage and reduce the stress it causes. After the completed tests and assessments, you are given a comprehensive report detailing an accurate location and full extent of the problem. The report will include any hi-res photos captured during the investigation and recommendations for fixing the problem.


In a single visit, you can get to know where exactly the cause of the problem.


Benefits of leak detection service


  • Specialist leak detection experts
  • Comprehensive investigation and report
  • Quicker than standard detection methods
  • Non-destructive techniques
  • Pinpoint the location of leaks
  • Guaranteed leak detection success
  • Full fix and repair service available


What Can I Do if My Bill is Unusually High?

If you receive a bill that you feel is too high, check over the common causes listed above. This may help to pinpoint the source of the high bill. If you still cannot find the leak on your own, you may need to contact a plumber or other professional to help determine the source of a leak. Property owners are responsible for all private service water lines from the public water main to the residence and for leaks inside the home.