Inspection of climate control ceilings using FLIR T540 thermal imaging camera

Many companies and offices develop new and contemporary working styles characterized by flexibility and efficiency. The quality of the interior climate is important. Architects are responding to this with ceilings that can be quickly adapted. Climate control ceilings offer unparalleled freedom of choice in this and surprising application possibilities in style, appearance, size, function, and performance.

A thermographic camera like FLIR T540 detects infrared radiation from the magnetic spectrum to produce an image called a thermogram, a visual depiction of the variations in temperature detected within the camera’s field of view.

With a thermal camera, you can read a thermal signature as small as an electrical box or as big as a building envelope. It’s even possible to read exact temperature values using complex algorithms.

There’s a long list of benefits for thermal imaging. Having a thermogram can help you:

  • Detect thermal insulation and HVAC issues
  • Perform home inspections
  • Pinpoint energy losses

It is a non-invasive method of assessing moisture damage, electrical problems, and energy conservation for any structure. It’s fast and highly accurate. The equipment is light and portable. A good thermal imager will help you find problems while they are still small.

Inspection with a thermal imaging camera

If the climate control ceiling elements are not properly connected, the desired interior climate cannot be achieved. Another problem that can arise during installation is an insufficient supply of hot or cold water, causing improper functioning of the ceiling.

Thermal imaging camera vs. spot pyrometer

We often see climate control ceiling installers conducting the inspections themselves; this is usually done with a spot pyrometer. There’s nothing particularly wrong with using a spot pyrometer, but it’s a time-consuming inspection method, since a spot pyrometer measures at only one point. Also, there is no visual record of the measurement. By contrast, with a thermal imaging camera, a significant surface area of climate control ceilings can be inspected in a very short time. The images at hand prevent long and unnecessary discussions: it is evident whether the climate control ceiling works or not.

FLIR T540 thermal imaging camera

The extremely ergonomic FLIR T540 thermal imaging camera was developed for users who demand high performance at an affordable price. The FLIR T540 series combines perfect ergonomics with high-quality images at 464 x 348 pixels. De FLIR T540 series is equipped with a tiltable optical unit that allows for picture-taking from every desired angle with a comfortable work posture. For the building trades, in particular, the FLIR T540 has a built-in compass. So the inspector can note the direction he’s viewing and the direction to which a wall is oriented. This can be important when conducting building inspections. The camera’s direction of view is added automatically to each image.


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