HV Electrical Distribution Panel Inspection – Avoid breakdowns, lower your insurance premiums, and detect Fire Hazards

The challenges

An unexpected failure inside your electrical panel can create a serious and costly problem for the utility. When connections or components overheat, you risk production loss due to unplanned downtime and the possibility of fire loss from an electrical short circuit or burning cable. You cannot always anticipate when a failure may occur because problems aren’t always visible with the naked eye.

Your Solution

Adding thermal inspection to your routine panel checks is beneficial to gain key information that your eyes alone cannot detect. A thermal camera can help you pinpoint any stressed elements of your electrical installation before a breakdown occurs. This gives you the opportunity to solve electrical issues as part of planned maintenance before it becomes a more serious and costly problem. A high-performance thermal camera, such as the FLIR T540 with a 24° lens, can give you accurate temperature readings at a safe distance from an electrical panel. FLIR also has a selection of digital multimeters and clamp meters, such as the CM85, which is designed to make it easier to take measurements inside electrical panels. In the case of high voltage cabinets or inaccessible components, FLIR offers IR windows that conveniently mount onto the front panel so you can inspect without any disassembly

The high-performance FLIR T540 is an ideal solution to help you find hidden signs of electrical resistance and mechanical wear, so you can begin repairs immediately. The FLIR T540 features options with a 24° or 45° lens, which will give you a larger field of view when you have limited space in front of your transformers. This thermal camera can measure temperatures up to 1500°C and it provides 464 x 348 thermal resolution for superior image quality and clarity.


  • No need to take the electrical installation out of service since it can be used during normal operating conditions.
  • It is a non-contact and a non-destructive test method, used from a safe distance.
  • It gives a visual picture of the condition of the installation and its components.
  • The results are available in real-time and there is little, or no processing needed.
  • IR cameras are relatively easy to use.
  • It can detect conditions and defects before they become serious problems.
  • Large electrical cabinets and whole electrical installations can be quickly scanned.
  • The exact location of the potential problematic point can be easily determined.


The Outcome

Through regular thermal inspections, you can quickly detect and locate temperature related problems, including loose connections, bad contact, fuse issues, unbalanced loads, and stressed earth-leakage. Organize planned repairs and preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of electrical fires, unexpected breakdowns, and unplanned outages.

Learn more:

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