Electrical Inspections in the Oil and Gas Industry: Preventing distribution system breakdown with FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Improve Reliability, Avoid Schedule Shutdown, and Improve Safety

The challenges

When electrical connections and components break down unexpectedly, the result may lead to unplanned downtime, production loss, and expensive repairs. These also increased risks like fire from electric circuits or cable burning. That is why a regular electrical thermography inspection is important to ensure that your electrical distribution system is in proper working order, including the circuit breakers, busbar fuses, switchboards, and more. Electrical distribution boards are often housed inside cabinet enclosures, making them difficult to inspect for impending failures.

Your Solution

Your first indication that electrical panels fail is when it shows signs of overheating. Thermal imaging camera like FLIR T540 can provide this key information that are eyes cannot detect. FLIR T540 can show maintenance professionals hot spots on components and connections, helping inspectors to recognized stressed elements of an electrical installation before failure and breakdown. This will help to solve electrical issues as part of planned maintenance before it causes a serious and costly problems. Maintenance professionals uses FLIR T540 with its ergonomic feature allowing them to move freely and see electrical panel overhead.


  • No need to take the electrical installation out of service since it can be used during normal operating conditions.
  • It is a non-contact and a non-destructive test method, used from a safe distance.
  • It gives a visual picture of the condition of the installation and its components.
  • The results are available in real-time and there is little, or no processing needed.
  • IR cameras are relatively easy to use.
  • It can detect conditions and defects before they become serious problems.
  • Large electrical cabinets and whole electrical installations can be quickly scanned.
  • The exact location of the potential problematic point can be easily determined.


Learn more:

https://youtu.be/bgstofOkpHo- FLIR T Series preview