Water Leak Detection in the middle of Covid-19 in UAE

We are now in the 5th month of the new normal,

We are privileged that all our team, Engineers, and their family members are all safe and sound.

Homeowners and small commercial owners always complain about their high-water bills. This happens due to their bathroom leak, kitchen leak, swimming pool leak, and more. And since most of our family are staying home this could be the reason for the hike on your water bill.

While most of the people stayed at home during the lockdown our team had supported the country by providing 24/7 support to install a FLIR thermal camera with Immunotherm Solution for Mass Fever Screening.

Our response in providing Leak Inspection Service

And since the UAE market has opened its door once again leak inquiries are coming now and then. Our team understands the urgency of each leak and we make sure that our team on-site, whether residential or commercial, is adhering to the Governments 2m social distancing guidelines.

As part of our health protocols, our team is fully equipped while doing the inspections. Our Thermographers and Engineers are kitted out with added PPE and protective essentials to make sure they are safe well as our clients.

As you may already know, we provide several ways to detect a leak, one of which is with the use of the FLIR Thermal Cameras to visualize the suspected leak, either it’s a water or gas leak.

This approach is a perfect way to identify the problem without causing any unnecessary destruction to the property. Our non-destructive inspection is very useful to busy commercial sites such as office, school, amusement parks, and even hospitals. These buildings require water and cannot be interrupted especially during business hours.

Though we know that some of the businesses did not survive the heat of Covid-19, our team is grateful to stay open and continue to provide our leak detection services to businesses and homeowners throughout GCC.

Our team will be here providing support 24/7 to help you with your leak problems, either it’s a water leak or gas leak. We know that every single drop is important more than before and we are here to help in maintaining clean water supplies for every single household and commercial property.

We still receive inquiries from people who say they need us to dig test holes to locate a leak, but with the help of our experts, we can avoid all these, saving time money on expensive repairs is what matters to us that’s why we are here to help.


So if you have a stubborn leak causing you to pay more on your bill- and you’ve been putting it for a while now- Today could be the perfect time to book your leak inspection.

If you are reading this I hope that you and your family are well, and to all our valued clients we want to take this chance to say “Thank you”.

We would like to share the positivity with all our client’ please check our “Together we will get through Covid-19” in our YouTube account: https://youtu.be/bp_0I9DK8Kc