As the leader of Thermography in the region Digital Thermal Power believes in the advantage of using thermal imaging throughout our services and as an authorized FLIR distributor in GCC we are confident to provide accurate leak detection services to all our clients. Here are some success stories of our leak detection service with the help of FLIR thermal cameras.



FLIR thermal imaging camera helps to find- water leakage at the swimming pool-The conventional method to find the leakage would be to open up the pavement around the pool but that was not an option. That would take too much time. That is why a thermal imaging survey of the pool’s surroundings was done.

Thermal imaging helps to find water leakage and condensation – Water leakage in residential buildings can have serious consequences. It can cause problems with structural integrity, mold development, and in case of a leak in the plumbing it also leads to higher water bills.

Finding water leaks with a FLIR thermal imaging camera-Water that enters building materials such as plaster or plywood due to leakage can cause serious damage to the building’s structure. Mold can develop which may cause health hazards. In many cases, there are little to no visual signs.

Thermography finds water leaks in district heating networks- Leaking heating pipes cost owners of district heating networks a great deal of money, both in the form of repair costs and through losses of heated and processed water. Checking the district-heating network with thermal imaging the camera is quick and easy and saves valuable time and money.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras optimize passive housing constructions– As energy prices soar, the market for low-energy house building is becoming promising all over Europe. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are used to check the building substance and air circulation during and after the construction phase.

Thermal imaging clearly shows building issues– Whether you’re looking for poor or inadequate insulation, air leakage, heating and plumbing issues, water damages due to leaks or condensation or mold problems, thermal imaging provides an invaluable tool to identify and locate these problems.

FLIR thermal imaging camera tells truth about walls and facades– Building insulation quality becomes a pressing issue as heating costs soar. A thermal imaging camera for building applications and the expert’s eye can do a lot to save on energy.

Thermal imaging cameras save repair time and heating cost-A hospital is a good example of a facility management-intensive object. Thirty-six skilled workers are busy to keep regional health care facilities up and running, day and night. FLIR handheld thermal imaging cameras have become appreciated instruments for many fields of application.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras provide solid proof for court cases- All over the world-building issues lead to court cases. The biggest challenge in finding out the truth is to obtain solid facts. In many cases related to building issues, thermal imaging cameras from FLIR systems can provide exactly the kind of information needed to draw the right conclusions.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras help to ensure the quality of solar modules– To ensure good quality during the full life cycle of a solar module, FLIR thermal imaging cameras can play an important role.

Insulation of commercial walk-in freezers checked with thermal imaging- Cooling requires a lot of energy. It is therefore very important that no outside heat leaks in. To make sure that the freezer’s insulation is working properly FLIR thermal imaging cameras are being used.